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  About Us

Chameleon Creations is...

Chameleon Creations is a small graphics studio that offers a wide variety of design and production services. See our capabilities. We're an independent supplier that works on a project by project basis, thus we're suited for clients (of any size) that farm out jobs to outside sources. We can help you create a new identity or work within an existing corporate design scheme. It can be a one time project or a ongoing campaign.

Chameleon Creations is located in Santa Cruz, California with a majority of clients in the Bay Area, yet we've serviced clients from Hawaii to New York.

Chameleon Creations has produced award winning graphic design since our inception in 1995.

Our mission is...

Our first and foremost goal is to service the clients needs with professional graphics. Whether it's a logo or a web site, a web banner ad or an annual report, we'll take the time to produce quality designs that clients are proud to put forward.

It's also part of our mission to offer a wide variety of services at a fraction of the cost of large design firms. We're able to do this by our continued commitment to education of new skills, techniques, and technologies, and, because we're small, our overhead is low so it does not pass on to the client.