RockSavage Branding

Warren at RockSavage came to me in 2019 with a new tech business he’s exploring and needed some branding — logo, business cards, and a presentation template. He wanted something that was loosely connected to a historical landmark in England — Rocksavage — but also contemporary and modern. The stone background, colors, and picturesque monument images fit the bill.

Chris has an excellent process for assessing what the customer is looking for at a high level before moving into design concepts. He listens to our ideas and strengthens them through his own expertise and experience that he’s developed over the years. Chris was the first and only person I thought of when beginning the branding exercise for me when starting my next company, Rocksavage Technology.

Client: RockSavage Technology
Services: Logo, Branding, Presentation Template, Print Coordination

RockSavage Card
RockSavage Presentation Template