The Caring Village Brochure

The Caring Village is a non-profit organization in the Bay Area that helps foster children gain extra support in their communities through volunteer mentoring. The Caring Village facilitates bringing foster kids and adult mentors together to learn, grow and gain a foothold in a challenging landscape.

Chris has been a member of The Caring Village team as our graphic designer. He designed several aspects of our brand which created the image we needed for success with our customers, employees, and investors. He’s unique in that he’s like an architect who’s very skilled at combining content expertise with compelling creative in ways that grab people’s attention and desire to learn more. On top of that, he’s a really good person that everyone enjoys working with.
— Jay MacIntosh, Founder of The Caring Village

This brochure helps put the challenges facing foster kids into perspective while also presenting how important it is for kids to receive adult guidance and mentorship.

The Caring Village Brochure - Tri-fold
The Caring Village Brochure