The Missing Peace (in a Box)

At the end of The Missing Peace exhibition, The Missing Peace (in a Box) concept came forth as a way to continue to bring many of the messages, values, and visions from the original exhibition to schools and prisons. The idea of producing a select series of sturdy posters and housing them inside a box that can travel from place to place was born. Fourteen images — as a token to the fourteenth Dalai Llama — from the original exhibition were selected. Posters, postcards, brochures, an informational CD and several other promotional items took flight across the globe. Each box was numbered and tracked.

Chris developed the design and oversaw the production of The Missing Peace in a Box, a version of The Missing Peace exhibition made available to schools and prisons. His ability to create visually appealing and informative materials is exceptional. It has always been a pleasure to work with Chris.
— Darlene Markovich, Former Executive Director, The Missing Peace Project

Images: (1) an overview flyer showing the artworks included in the box, (2) a promotional postcard to raise awareness and excitement, (3) the top of the box with the logo, (4) a map showing where the boxes have been and where they are going alongside one of the posters — Penan Leader Confronts Logging Truck by Dang Ngo, (5) a poster included in the box to give information on each artwork, (6) the printed inside of the box with instructions, and (7) a showing of The Missing Peace (in a Box)

The Missing Peace (in a box) - Flyer
The Missing Peace (in a box) - Postcard
The Missing Peace (in a box) - Container Box
The Missing Peace (in a box) - Posters
The Missing Peace (in a box) - Overview Poster
The Missing Peace (in a box) - Inside Box
The Missing Peace (in a box) - Exhibited