Step Forward Initiative Site

Step Forward Initiative is a non-profit with the mission to address unmet medical and social needs in underserved areas throughout the world. In 2014, Ron needed branding and a website for this new venture. The first iteration of the site held up for 7 years. In late 2020, Ron came to me for a re-fresh with more photos, a responsive design, and added security features. Here is the result.

I have worked with Chris Chope and Chameleon Creations on a variety of graphic design and website projects for over 15 years. Most recently, he has been handling design and maintenance of the websites (for PCs and mobile devices) of our nonprofit organization, Step Forward Initiative. Aside from his outstanding design skills, what I especially appreciate about Chris is his ability to quickly assimilate materials that we provide and ask insightful questions to increase the probability of getting the project done to our satisfaction the first time around, thus minimizing the need for reloops. In addition, Chris has a personal style that makes interactions a pleasure. I’ve always been very happy with the outcome of his efforts. — Ron Haak, Cofounder and President, Step Forward Initiative

Step Forward Initiative Website