AWFC Card & Brochure

Art Works for Change (AWFC) consists of a team of artists and social change leaders who have produced acclaimed traveling museum exhibitions focused on social and environmental themes since 2005. As a graphic artist it has been so much fun and such a great honor to work with incredible artists and inspirational leaders who put together exhibitions like Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art. 

Thanks for all the fantastic work you did. The Chicago events went beautifully well and everyone loved the collateral materials.
— Randy Rosenberg, Executive Director and Chief Curator

Images: (1) The AWFC brochure gave a summary of the different projects and included a pocket for a collection of vertical postcards, (2) a postcard for the Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women, and Art exhibition, (3) a logo design for Partners for Change – a program of Artworks for Change, and (4) a postcard for Partners for Change.

AWFC Brochure
AWFC Off the Beaten Path Postcard
Partners for Change Logo Design
AWFC - Partners for Change Postcard